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Ordering & Payment

How do we a bed from you?

Simply fill in an form, or give us a ring.

You can take us much time as you need to decide exactly what it is you want- we won't rush you, but we will be here to answer any questions you have. We have customers come back months later once they've got themselves prepared, so don't feel contacting us means you're committing yourselves.

We advise emailing or ringing to discuss the bed you want, and sorting details such as wood and colour. You can either wait on colour samples before ordering, or place the and they will follow shortly in the post. Inquiry Form

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How much do we have to pay for the to begin?

We ask for a third deposit of the total to confirm the order. Once this has been paid your bed will be figured into the production schedule and a more definite delivery date given.

The outstanding balance is to be paid on delivery, or in the case of shipping abroad the total must be cleared before collection of the bed.

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What method can we use to pay you?

There are various ways of paying. We accept bank transfer, cheques and debit cards. Accepting credit cards for payment is at Stephen's discretion because of the fees we have to incur (1.5-5% of total).

Paying the Four Poster Bed Company

For your own security we do not accept banker's drafts. We recently had one go missing in the post (it was recorded delivery from Canada) and our customer was told by their bank that there was no guarantee of their money ever being returned to them.

Please do not email card details to us! We will get the necessary details from you over the telephone, and the transaction will be completed after this (telephone and card machine are on the same line).

Details for bank transfer will be sent (preferably via email) once this method of payment has been decided.

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If we with you, when can we expect to have the bed?

A bed is usually made within 12 weeks from receipt of a one third deposit. If your needs are more urgent we will do our very best to help. Delivery is usually within these 12 weeks, depending on the situation (we will make arrangements with you when you order).

If you're abroad then you can expect the shippers to collect within a fortnight of the bed being finished. You can then add on the estimated shipping time you've been given. To give you an idea a bed can take between 4 to 6 weeks to the US, 5 or 6 to Hong Kong, and quicker within Europe.

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I want to get the whole package from you, drapes and all. Do I just pay you directly?

We can take payment for the bed, bed base/slats and the mattress, however any drapes you will have to be paid direct to our upholsterer. She will provide you with a bill when payment is required. Of course, if things work out nicely and the upholstery is finished, then we are happy to deliver or ship any drapes and bedding with your bed.

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