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Choosing Your Bed

How do I get started?

Here are a few questions you should think about whilst deciding on your four poster bed. This is only a little checklist to get you started, but if you come to us with the answers, we can point you in the right direction:

  • What mattress size does the bed need to fit?
  • Which bed/s do you like from our range?
  • Would you prefer a box spring/bed base or wooden slats?
  • Do you want a traditional or contemporary design?
  • What is your house like? You want them to compliment each other.
  • What type of wood do you want the bed to be made from?
  • What is the height of your bedroom ceiling ?
  • What else would you like on your bed? Any carving? Different posts?

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I have an idea of the bed I want, but can't find it on your site. Can you design it?

We are happy to adapt designs, or develop different beds, so you get your dream four poster bed. We charge for what it costs to make the bed, and not a design fee. However because of how busy we are at the moment it can take a few weeks for us to come back with some sketches.

Be aware that although we will do our best, we do use solid wood, so therefore do not have the equipment for decorative veneer work.

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I want to see some of your beds before I order. Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have a showroom, with some examples of our four poster beds, night stands, dining tables, chairs and dressers on display.

There are also colour samples and a wealth of photos to look through. But please call to book an appointment, as we are either very busy making four posters or delivering them, and it is best to discuss your needs with Stephen. Directions to showroom

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Can you get a four poster in our bedroom?

We have not failed yet. Most of the four poster beds are 78" or 84" high as standard- we have had to make a bed 72" high to go under a beam some years ago, and are happy to alter designs where possible. Components will go through normal doorways, and if the mattress will go up the stairs and into the room, the rest of the bed is sure to.

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We aren't sure which colour to choose from your web site. Can you help?

Of course! We never recommend choosing the finish purely from what you have seen on our site- different computer monitors can show beds up in different colours. We will prepare some colour samples in the wood you like, and post them out to you.

We have a selection of rich, deep standard colours, but we will custom finish your bed to a style suiting you. There is anything from a natural finish right through to black, so do not hesitate to ask for what you really want!

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We have our bedroom furniture already- can you polish our four poster to match in?

Yes, as long as the wood is the same. We ask that you either provide a small sample, or a photograph, for our polisher to work from and we will do the rest.

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Do you make other bedroom furniture to match?

We will custom make night stands, dressing tables, chests of drawers, wardrobes, etc. to match your bed and suit your room. If you go for a four poster bed with gothic arch panels, then it looks great to have a couple of night stands with the same panel in the door. The same could be applied to a storage box, and even a wardrobe. If we can get an idea of the sizes you want the pieces to be, we can better provide an estimate. Bedroom Furniture

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We like the look of oak, but didn't want to spend that much, any ideas?

English ash is a good alternative. It can be hand-planed to give the 'old' look, and takes a dark oak stain really well. However, the grain will be a little different. What we can do is send out both oak and ash colour samples to help you decide.

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Can we have different panels, with different posts?

Yes, we will mix and match the beds to create the style you want. You can go for different panels on the foot board to the head board, and even just go for one carved panel if you like. When it comes to posts there are all different options, and Stephen is happy to adapt designs so you get exactly what you want.

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Can you carve decoration onto a bed?

Yes, we can carve most types of decoration, but for the more intricate work I may use dedicated carvers. These dedicated carvers are busy, so lead time will depend entirely on their situation- it could not be finished quickly.

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The mattress size I have isn't listed in the price grid; can you still make me a bed?

Yes! We make the bed to fit to the mattress, so any size you provide, we will happily provide a quote and make the bed. Our mattress and bed base suppliers can also make to any size- so if you want something unusual please just ask. Where your mattress is in centimetres, such as 150cm x 200cm, we can happily work in this rather than inches.

Please just email through with the exact dimensions (include depth if you can) and we'll give you a quote.

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Can you make single four poster bed?

Yes, any size and any style. To gain an idea of price, they are normally around two thirds of the cost of a king size four poster (60" x78"). This sounds expensive in comparison, but although the material costs are nearly half, the joints are identical to those on a full size bed.

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My husband is very tall, can you make the bed longer than normal?

Yes, we can make the bed longer and have mattresses made to match. It is also worth considering the style of bed you want- losing that foot board and replacing it with an end rail can often give that extra inch you need to stretch out.

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